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You may be here because you, or someone you care about is looking for help in transforming a painful situation. If so, I invite you to connect with me and Discover what I have to offer as a Transformer, Awakener and Visionary Leader. Learn more about me here

In my experience, pain, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual is caused by habitual, self-destructive thoughts and the actions we take affirming these thoughts.

By transforming our thoughts we simultaneiously transform the pain, while creating a greater sense of peace, purpose and power in our lives.

My mission and soul purpose is to create harmony through listening and compassionate action. I want to help you Discover the pain source and eliminate it.

I have walked through the fire, gotten burned-out and not only survived, but thrived. Let me ease your pain by showing you the short-cuts I found along the way.

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Tel. 604-307-9417

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